Grape Leaf Wrap September 26 2014

Hello! Before I begin, this recipe is completely up to one's own taste so many of the herbs and spices are left without an actual quantity.


1 c. pre-cooked and chilled white rice

1/8 of a  red onion diced

5 T parsley chopped

1 juice of a lime







Mix rice and all other ingredients together


Grape Leaves Wrap: 

Dip your grape leaves in persian lime olive oil as to marinate the leaves then place anout 2-3 T. of filling inside leaf and wrap like a taco to encase the filling. Drizzle with some Lemon White Balsamic for a little tang and enjoy!


This is a snack you can prepare in advance, the longer it marinates the more flavorful everything becomes! Enjoy as an appetizer or as an hor d'oeuvre!